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Picnic 1955 film Wikipedia.
Director Joshua Logan, among the worst filmmakers of his time, spends so much footage on the picnic, you'd' think this was a documentary: There are crying babies, laughing babies, frowning babies, three-legged races, pie-eating competitions, balloon drops, concerts and boy-girl contests.
PICNIC meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
This looks like a nice spot for a picnic. We spread the picnic rug out on the ground and sat down to eat. We're' going to have a picnic, weather permitting. We sat on the river bank and had a picnic.
picnic Wiktionary.
Sure" is pretty countryside. Pity it's' spoiled by the niggers picknickin." Borrowed from English picnic, from French pique-nique. picnic m invariable. picnic outdoor meal. Borrowed from English picnic, from French pique-nique. IPA key: /pinik/, pinik. picnic m plural picnics. Misspelling of pĂ­cnic.
Picnic Wikipedia.
No Picnic on Mount Kenya, by Felice Benuzzi, recounts the attempt of three Italian prisoners of war during the Second World War to picnic on top of Mount Kenya. From Charles Dickens The Mystery of Edwin Drood: Miss" Twinkleton in her amateur state of existence has contributed herself and a veal pie to a picnic" Project Gutenberg Entry: 13.

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