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Picnic 1955 film Wikipedia.
Today it probably wouldn't' be worth more than a PG-13 rating if even that, but in 1955, the Moonglow" dance and the torn" shirt" sequences from the movie Picnic were about as steamy as Hollywood could get in evoking explosive sex.
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PICNIC meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
If the weather's' nice we could have a picnic in the park. Why don't' you take a picnic with you? a picnic area / lunch / table. a picnic basket / hamper. We enjoyed a leisurely picnic lunch on the lawn.
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picnic Wiktionary.
picnic third-person singular simple present picnics, present participle picnicking, simple past and past participle picnicked. To eat a picnic. Borrowed from English picnic, from French pique-nique. picnic m invariable. picnic outdoor meal. Borrowed from English picnic, from French pique-nique. IPA key: /pinik/, pinik.
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Picnic Wikipedia.
No Picnic on Mount Kenya, by Felice Benuzzi, recounts the attempt of three Italian prisoners of war during the Second World War to picnic on top of Mount Kenya. From Charles Dickens The Mystery of Edwin Drood: Miss" Twinkleton in her amateur state of existence has contributed herself and a veal pie to a picnic" Project Gutenberg Entry: 13.
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