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The underneath surface of an upper Wrap Around Hawley retainer resting on top of a retainer case. The best-known removable retainer is the Hawley retainer, which consists of a metal wire that typically surrounds the six anterior teeth and keeps them in place.
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They dont change in size, but your teeth can shift. Please wear your retainer as prescribed by the doctor to prevent shifting. The longer you have been out of braces, the less often you will be required to wear them.
Retainer Types: Bonded, Hawley, Essix, and Clear Retainers.
You will most likely be using and maintaining your retainer for many months or years, so its important that you have the type of retainer that works best for you and that youll use as instructed. Last medically reviewed on May 29, 2018.
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Neglecting to clean your retainer can make it weak and decrease its lifespan, but simply brushing your retainer daily can ensure it remains in durable condition. Brushing both sides of the retainer with a normal toothbrush and toothpaste is generally sufficient enough to remove bacteria; retainers should never be placed in cleaning solution or boiling water.
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A paid servant, especially one who has been employed for many years. A fee one pays to reserve the other's' time for services. This lawyer charges a retainer for his work. dentistry A device that holds teeth in position after orthodontic treatment.
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Your orthodontic journey isnt complete when your braces come off and your smile is beautiful, straight, and best of all, metal-free. Sure, you can celebrate, but if you want your smile looking its best for the rest of your life, youll have to wear a retainer. A retainer preserves and stabilizes your results.
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The firm retained White as a consultant, paying him a 5000, retainer. get/be on/receive a retainer Penn's' firm is on a retainer of 15000, to 20000, per month. An elite 15% of all headhunters are on retainer, reaping two-thirds of their pay up front.
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A retainer is something that holds something else in place. After your braces are removed, a retainer keeps your teeth from moving out of their new perfect position. Professionals like lawyers or consultants are paid a retainer, which is a fee.
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Keep your brand-new smile beautiful. You transformed your smile with the world's' most advanced clear aligner. Now you can keep it looking good with the clear, discreet retainer that was made to go with it. It's' easy to keep the smile you've' always wanted.
How to Clean and Care for Invisalign Retainers.
Taking the time to properly clean your retainer each and every time you brush, avoiding liquids that can distort or stain your retainer, and developing a system to remember to put your retainer back in your mouth after eating or brushing can help ensure you get the results you want with the least hassle and expense.

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