Nasa, Elon and the Government Partnering

2022 The Space Program has a bright future but is it entirely due to partnerships?

How Partnerships Can Be Fatal

Networking and growing your reach is great but what happens with a toxic partnership.

Which Super Power Will Ally Together

How will the world mold itself going forward and which super powers will position themselves.

Open Government Partnership

Get ready for our Open Government Partnership Conference (OGP) in Brazil this year for 2023 is going to mark the first partnership of the year. The Open Government Partnership (OGP) was founded in 2011 to secure concrete commitments from governments to their citizens to promote transparency, empower citizens, fight corruption, and harness new technologies to strengthen governance. The partnership between Brazil and USA is one of the greatest things for Brazil right now in the current economy and conditions. Governments are always looking for strategic and trade worthy partnerships with other countries. Stay informed with our important news blog that gets updated frequently. You can also find information at this website:

Benefits Of Hiring A Reliable Contractor In RI

Searching Rhode Island to find the best reliable contractors in Rhode Island and beyond.

The Fall Of Ultima Online (UO) Gold

The world first mmorpg economy existed for 20+ years and has felt the effects of hyperinflation. As the UO gold falls many wonder where is the bottom.

A Basic Guide of Skunk Cannabis Strains

Is there more to Skunk strains that just the smell? Find out with this in-depth breakdown of everything Skunk.

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